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LATEST NEWS: 'myCloudSecurity.net' has won the 2011 'Best Security Software Award' given by the prestigious 2011 Queensland iAwards.

The Problem:

The deployment of Cloud Services is resulting in an escalation of employees working outside the traditional office environment. Members of this mobile workforce use computer systems with keys capable of accessing their corporate cloud; myCloudSecurity provides a service to safeguard the machines that hold those keys and the corporate access they secure.

Most public and private companies process data that can be classified as sensitive and these organizations have recently come under new government legislation that mandates strict privacy controls over this data. Although compliance is challenging, government has mandated significant penalties in the event of a breach. Additionally, current data privacy and breach notification laws require organizations notify consumers when private information has been illegally accessed by a third party.

The Solution:

myCloudSecurity is an audit and data loss management tool developed to assist with the following:

  • Monitor cloud connected systems that hold keys used to access corporate data.
  • Audit access to the organizations cloud services.
  • Action a "loss event" strategy if a system with access has been stolen or misplaced.
  • Provides tools to assist law enforcement to discover who has access to these stolen keys (and therefore unauthorized access to the cloud services).
  • Assist in recovery of lost equipment.

It includes a security applet that is installed on all computers and laptops within an organization. Its simple non-technical install frees IT administrators from the complexity associated with conventional security solutions.

It protects confidential data, trade secrets and can track stolen assets and remotely recover or erase sensitive data.

The Process & Deliverables:

myCloudSecurity contains unique tracking and response applets which can be used to either monitor or control the operation of a computer, even if it should be stolen or removed from its normal place of work. Continuous IP tracking is actioned immediately on installation, so this audit resource is available to a user whenever the system is online. A stolen computer is traceable no matter where it may be located. If authorized by the user, myCloudSecurity can also provide the ability to remotely, and invisibly, expand upon its IP-tracking task by retrieving and/or delete files, or monitor the activities of an unauthorized user.

IP tracking approach provides law enforcement agencies with the "actionable evidence" that they need to recover the stolen equipment. But perhaps more importantly, our solution allows the user the ability to access and protect the data on the computer, which in most cases is more valuable than the computer itself.

If authorized by the user, myCloudSecurity allows an administrator to communicate directly to an unauthorized user by remotely displaying messages on the missing computer's screen.

Studies have shown that most stolen laptops are soon connected to the Internet. Since myCloudSecurity relies on an Internet connection to report its IP and receive administrator's commands, it is very likely that the opportunity will arise to take action and recover the lost equipment.

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